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Cynthia Desser creates globally-inspired, chic jewelry and accessories for her eponymous collection, which can be seen from the haute couture runways in Paris to upscale retailers around the globe.

Even before turning to jewelry as a career, design was a passion for Cynthia. At a young age, she was designing jewelry and began creating her own unique pieces when the look she desired wasn’t available in stores. Her talent was quickly recognized by larger accessory brands and she began her career with a sold-out line.

After living in New York, learning traditional jewelry making techniques, Paris beckoned where Cynthia was soon called on to create one-of-a-kind pieces tailored to haute couture runway shows. Her designs quickly became “a must have” for Europe’s fashionistas. Inspired by the streets and styles of Paris, Cynthia’s cutting-edge collection further developed into an internationally recognized and sold brand.

Inspired by textures, textiles, unusual stones…. Cynthia builds pieces around her unique materials. Desser loves to work with brass and brass mesh, oxidizing it into different finishes, as well as lambskin and various exotic skins. Interesting and rough-cut stones are a hallmark of many of her designs. With a focus on combining skins and metal, contrasting textures, and unusual finishes, Cynthia Desser forces the unexpected to come together, creating harmonious combinations.

Cynthia Desser’s accessories are sought by celebrities, style-makers and collectors around the globe.

CYNTHIA DESSER PARIS now sells internationally to specialty boutiques, high-end department and chain stores throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.

Cynthia continues to collaborate with fashion designers and specialty labels on runway pieces and private collections. She recently established a second studio in Los Angeles– fusing her personal best of both worlds: the California light, hiking trails, skiing and beaches, and the undisputed chic and eternal inspiration from Paris.

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